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As manufacturers of footwear that is created in a completely manual process from sketching the first outline to the last stitch, we can produce a unique pair tailored to foot measurements and specifics of each customer

All our models are products of a long-term process that begins in the design studio with the traditional technique of pencil sketching and further converting the sketch into a technical drawing.

That is how we get designs that go through the hands of professional modelers and further into production.

Unlike common business stories that begin as a small dream in the garage, from rags to riches, and developed into mass production, this story is different.

As a partner to many renowned footwear brands, we mass-produced shoe pieces that would never fit into our refined notion of a really good shoe. In the world of industrial production, we wished to be the hero that would keep the traditional shoemaking craft alive, and offer everyone that special footwear that was once available only to the elite. That is how Hiro Shoes was born

Selecting materials for Hiro footwear is a trip that takes us on an adventure to all 4 corners of the world.

We often combine Australian leather, English velour, and Italian sole in one pair. Each pair has its own story and each pair travelled for thousands of miles before taking its first steps.

Made in Europe

All our footwear is fully compliant with EU DIN standards and is completely crafted by Hiro artisans

Leather quality

We use the highest-quality leather, which ensures durability and wearability


Hiro footwear is completely made by hand using traditional shoemaking techniques

It takes about 80 working hours to make one Hiro pair

It takes about 16 hours to make one pair of shoes in serial production.

With each sewn stitch we pay respect to artisans that developed the shoemaking techniques, who at the same time selflessly left us with the knowledge to reach perfection. When we see the smile of satisfied customers, we know that our job is well done.

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